A man formely known as Justin Jorgy

Long Island, New York.
Connoisseur of: poor life choices, unhealthy eating habits
and malt beverage.

Anonymous: Hey just wondering, do you smoke?

I dont smoke anything. Im not against anyone who does. I’ve always played sports so I convinced myself at an early age that i wouldnt smoke anything. I rather just have a beer to be honest

Anonymous: I want to talk to you more on tumblr but am definitely to shy to message you and I'm sure tons of girls want to talk to you on here anyways- you seem really cool though :)

No reason to be shy. Im an approachable guy and easier to talk to you. Not many people talk to me on here. A few. More are always welcome

Anonymous: I follow you because you're handsome as fuck.

That’s one hell of a compliment. Thanks :D